Style is one thing,
Technique is Everything.

Styles change as culture and fashion evolves, but great technique never dies. As FiHair has grown with the industry, so have our instruments. Designed to feel like an extension of your hands, FiHair’s professional hair gear has been designed with the art of a master stylist above all. Each cut, each brush and each stroke flows through your fingers through to the hair itself, resulting in flawless performance and result, every time.


Our Mission & Story.

Since 1997, Fi Hair earned its well-deserved reputation as a leading hairstyling academy in North America due to the high quality of our products and the rigorous training we offer our students.
The Fi Hair Academy’s success has won it seven international awards and recognitions, including the North American Hairdressing Award and the Canadian Hairdressing Award. This is in no small part due to the incredible performance of its graduates and the professional team working to help stylists master their art.
Two decades later, our mission remains the same. We pursue nothing less than excellence and mastery in hairdressing and styling, while helping talent to develop and grow their own skills as they advance their career.
We are focused….We are passionate…We are addicted!

Where we come in.


Our diploma courses offer motivated stylists the opportunity to take their art to the master level.

Hair Gear

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